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Your Library Card

Getting a card, renewing materials, placing holds, etc.


Who Can Get a Card?


Howard County Library serves, without charge, residents of Howard County.


Realizing that the primary purpose of the library is to provide service to patrons of its own area, HCL works toward the idea that all people are entitled to free library service.  Until this goal can be attained, HCL will provide free service to those who reside in counties that do not have a library.  Non-residents are defined as those who own property (but are not full-time residents of Howard County), live in a county that does not have a public library, are employed within the county or attend school within Howard County. 


A patron may also be issued a TexShare Card.  The TexShare card must be issued from HCL.  A TexShare card will provide your patrons the opportunity to borrow materials from participating TexShare libraries throughout the State of Texas.

The user must present the TexShare card from their home library and a photo ID (Texas driver's license, Texas ID, college ID, etc). Check the expiration date on the card. Most libraries will then issue one of their own library cards with a TexShare borrower designation or validate the TexShare card with a barcode and enter information on the user into the computer.  The patron must be in good standing with their local library.

Institutional Users

In order to provide services to those who are unable to come to Howard County Library, the Library will issue cards to institutions for their use.  The following guidelines will govern their checkout of materials:

a.  Application for institutional use must be made in form of a

letter (on institutional letterhead) signed by the individual

who will assume financial responsibility for materials checked

out on the card.  The letter must state that the institution will assume financial responsibility for library materials that are

checked out from Howard County Library, items obtained via

Inter-Library Loan and any overdue fines that may accrue.

b.  The employees of said institution may not use these cards to check out items for personal use. 

c.  The cards held by each institution must be presented when materials are checked out.

d.  All organization cards are issued for current fiscal year (October-September).


The use of the Library may be denied for due cause.  Objectionable behavior, creating a disturbance, destruction of property, failure to abide by the rules of operation, or interference with service to others may be considered sufficient grounds to effect temporary curtailment of service at the discretion of the Director.

 How to Get a Card

You must have picture ID (Driver’s License or Texas ID) with current address.  If you do not, we can still use the DL#, but you must bring in a utility bill, rent receipt, phone bill etc. as proof of residence.

If you do not have a Texas DL, use your existing state license, but you must show proof of residency in Howard County as noted in item #1.  You will be restricted to checking out only 2 (two) items until you get a Texas drivers license.

An adult must fill out registration form and sign for underage children (below age 17).  If a person is 17 years old and does have a driver’s license or Texas ID he/she can get a library card.  A 17 year old with no driver’s license or Texas ID must have parent or legal guardian sign registration form.

 Borrowing Limits

 You may check out a total of 15 items.

 Videos (VHS tapes) - 3   per household for 3 days           

 DVDs - 1 per household for 3 days           

 Combination of videos & DVDs -  1 DVD + 2 videos (VHS tapes) per household

 Audio books/CDs - 4 per card for 14 days

 Books - check out for 21 days

 Placing Holds

A hold may be placed on an item either by email or by telephone.  When the item comes in, staff will call you at the number listed on your record.  Staff will either speak with you, leave a message with person who answered the phone, leave message on machine or if necessary, send a postcard to those who do not have a phone.  The item will be held for 24 hrs (when notified by phone call) or for 5 days if a postcard is mailed.

 Renewing Borrowed Items

Items may be renewed in person, by phone or by email.  Items may not be renewed if it is reserved by another patron.  We ask that you bring that item in.

Library Fines

Fines are assessed when an item if 2 or more days late.  

Overdue Video (VHS tape)           $1.00/day                  Fines

Overdue DVD                                       $1.00/day                  Fines

Overdue ILL                                          $1.00/day                  Fines

Overdue Book                                       $  .25/day                  Fines

Overdue Book on Tape                     $  .25/day                  Fines

Overdue Book on CD                         $  .25/day                   Fines