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Supporting Your Library

How to get involved!


Volunteers are welcome at HCL.  We ask that you contact Nancy Jones at the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).  After she has received your application, she will contact the Director and give her/him your name.  The Director will contact you to schedule an interview and/or training.  The Library does utilize college students who wish to perform community service as part of their scholarship requirements.  The Library does not, because of liability issues, use court ordered community service workers or persons under the age of 17.  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Director.

Friends of the Library

History of Friends of the Library

    Active support of the public library has always been strong in Howard County.  A citizens' group was responsible for the initiation of the the Howard County Library in 1943.
    By 1946, there was a strong desire for a more formal organization to support the activities of the library.  In January 1947, the Friends of the Library Association was formally established, dedicated to the improvements and expansion of the Howard County Library.
    This was an ambitious group.  Soon after the formalities were over the Friends, in cooperation with other Texas Friends groups, sponsored House Bill 676.  The bill passed by the Texas' 50th Legislature provided for the establishment and maintenance of county libraries in Texas.
    Through the years the size of the Friends group has varied, but the Friend have never wavered in their support of the Howard County Library.


    The Friends purchased and maintain the photocopying machine for public use.  The video program established by the Friends offers free to the public a wide variety of videos for adults and children including instructional, classic and popular selections.  The original microfilm/ microfiche reader/ printer supplies were also provided by the Friends.  In the current technological age, the Friends have purchased computers, printers, scanners and computer furniture for the library.


    The Friends provide financial support to the Summer Reading Program and the Literacy Program.  The Friends also host an annual open house and other special events.  The Friends sponsor book sales to raise funds with all proceeds supporting the library projects and activities.


    The Friends have provided funds for books, videos, shelving, furniture, computers and computer programs and other special needs.  The Friends also adopted the Children's section of the library and provided the furniture, wall murals and other decorations for this section of the library.

Who Are Friends

   Friends are those citizens who believe that any community is a better place in which to live if that community has a library that provides for its needs.
    They believe in the value of books and reading.  They regard a library as an impartial, reliable information center; they look upon it as a dynamic agency for the education of children, young adults and adults.  In short, each Friend believes that a modern, well supported library is a basic necessity in a progressive community.
    Friends of the Library bring together people who believe in books, who are willing to work for the development of the library resources within a community, and who will speak up for library services whenever and wherever their efforts are needed.


Yearly membership is $5.00.  Lifetime membership is $100.00.

Contributions are tax-deductible.

Those interested in becoming a Friend of the Library please call the library for more information.   The library number is 432-264-2260.